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    At At Home Care Hub, we want to equip you with the best home-care technology for your unique needs, whether that be upgrading your bathtub for safer in-and-out use, installing a new stairlift for easier mobility between floors, or simply looking for a new back brace. This website will be your comprehensive go-to guide, meaning you won’t need to waste your free time researching and testing a multitude of products only to end up overspending and choosing the wrong product for your needs.

    We know that it can be really intimidating to embark on changing your entire home setup, especially if you have to rearrange furniture and other large items. That’s why we’re here; we want to make sure that your experience is easier, more enjoyable, and safer. No matter what situation you’re in, our experienced team will guide you with the information that you need.

    At Home Care Hub will help you find the best adjustable electric bed, transfer shower beds, or even adaptive clothing and shoes; if it makes your home living experience more comfortable, we’ll be sure to test it out properly before we recommend it to you.

    If you’ve been looking to change your home setup, check out our comprehensive guides on sports medicine, bathroom safety, incontinence, beds, and mobility.

    How this works

    Any products that are mentioned in our guides are tested out for the appropriate time length to ensure a fair and honest review. We know that home-care equipment can take a while to show its flaws, so that’s why we have careful reviewing guidelines in place. In general, here is how we approach each review:

    • Depending on the type of product we’re reviewing, we’ll ensure that the test period accounts for all potential unforeseen issues with the equipment so that you don’t run into any problems.
    • While we’re testing out the item, we keep detailed notes on how it’s performing to ensure that we don’t miss anything.
    • Lastly, if we notice any changes or upgrades in our recommended equipment after publishing the article, we’ll be sure to post updates.
    • Should the community have any questions, we’ll be sure to give accurate and prompt answers.

    Our Core Values

    Adaptability, comfort, health, independence, and security.

    Our Team

    Maddy Chiffey

    Maddy knows what it’s like to deal with chronic health issues and experience daily pain. That’s why she writes for At-Home Care Hub. She’s tested countless products and done hours of her own research to find products to make her own life better; now, she brings that experience and knowledge here for all of you! 

    Why are you writing for At-Home Care Hub?

    I have suffered from persistent back pain for most of my adult life, seriously affecting my everyday life and well-being.

    After investing in many ineffective procedures, medications, and therapies, I have discovered a whole universe of home health care products that have finally provided the sustainable solutions I was looking for.

    From that moment, this niche had become my passion and hobby. I love to share my knowledge, experience, and advice on this topic with others and see how they benefit from it.

    What is your experience with home health care products?

    I have the most experience in orthopedic products such as pain relief pillows, massage devices, braces, and mobility supports. Since I am also engaging in diverse sports and live an active life, I also have first-hand experience with sports medicine.

    What is your advice for someone who is caring for a vulnerable adult?

    If you’re looking for the best health care solution for someone else, make sure that you listen to the person you are caring for because they usually know what they need the best, even though they might need some help finding the exact product or procedure. 

    What is your #1 home health device people should keep in their medicine cabinet just in case?

    Since I don’t personally know anyone who would never experience debilitating joint pain, I would say a set of functional, supportive braces belongs to every household or travel suitcase.

    Candace Osmond

    Candace uses home health devices every day to manage her own chronic illness. She uses a variety of products from weights blankets to massagers to help her get through her day and live her life to the fullest. She understands the importance of affordable quality products that will last for quite a while. That’s why she writes for At-Home Care Hub so that she can share all of that knowledge with you!

    Why are you writing for At Home Health?

    I’m an avid believer in the benefits of at-home care items like weighted blankets, massagers, and sleep devices.
    As someone with chronic illness, I use them daily and understand how important they are.

    What is your experience with home health care products?

    I use weighted blankets to help with my anxiety and also my restless leg syndrome. I have an excellent shiatsu back massager for those days I spend too much time sitting at my desk. I also use sleep masks and sound machines to help me sleep some nights. There are so many great at-home care items out there, don’t be afraid to try them out!

    What is your advice for someone who is caring for a vulnerable adult?

    Be patient and kind. And don’t be afraid to suggest or utilize at-home care items. It not only makes their life easier but yours too.

    What is your #1 home health device people should keep in their medicine cabinet just in case?

    I’m old-fashioned and immediately say a hot water bottle, haha! But I would recommend some kind of massager. Shiatsu or otherwise. Most of us spend hours hunched over a desk or something else that affects our back and shoulders in today’s world.
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